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In reading a shareholder report, a person adopts a certain frame of mind: that of investor.
Their definition, as well as Miller's (1984) influential definition of genre as "social action," applies well to this study's overarching genre: the shareholder report.
The shareholder report is a means of enacting the reciprocal relationship between the individual investor and the investment company.
financial statements, notes to financial statements, financial highlights, largest-holdings list, mountain charts of returns, Of course, in other contexts, many of these discourse categories are genres in their own rights; here, they are subgenres only in the sense of their embedding within an overarching genre, the shareholder report.
The shareholder report can be read in hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of possible permutations.
This study analyzed shareholder reports of equity mutual funds whose total returns were high in absolute terms, but low in relative terms.
The study sought to achieve this goal by analyzing shareholder reports of equity mutual funds whose total returns were high in absolute terms compared to historical norms, but low in relative terms compared to those of competing funds.
The shareholder reports I studied use neither an inductive nor a deductive structure but instead create a hyperstructure that engages readers as comakers of a story.
This process occurs for all kinds of stories, including stories about the investment year as r ecounted in shareholder reports.
Theories espoused by Chatman and Bal apply to this study and to business communication more broadly by illuminating the relationship between events, such as economic changes and management decision making, and the narrative accounts of those events, such as shareholder reports.
In the case of shareholder reports, then, phenomenology suggests that audience analysis involves understanding how the reader is depicted in and interacts with the text.
Investors can also view quarterly allocations, shareholder reports, periodic portfolio manager conference calls and other fund-specific information through www.