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Person or entity that owns shares or equity in a corporation.


The person or company that owns a share in a publicly-traded company or a mutual fund. The share represents a certain (usually very small) percentage of ownership in the company or the securities underlying the fund. Thus, a stockholder has the right to receive a portion of the company's profits in the form of dividends, and, depending on the type of share, may have a right to vote on matters pertaining to corporate governance. A person or company becomes a stockholder on the record date, that is, on the date that the share was bought. A stockholder is also known as a shareholder.



If you own stock in a corporation, you are a shareholder of that corporation.

You're considered a majority shareholder if you alone or in combination with other shareholders own more than half the company's outstanding shares, which allows you to control the outcome of a corporate vote. Otherwise, you are considered a minority shareholder.

In practice, however, it is possible to gain control by owning less than 51% of the shares, especially if there are a large number of shareholders or you own shares that carry extra voting power.


An individual or entity that owns shares of capital stock.
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The share holders M/s Tiger Traders Pvt Ltd included two companies namely M/s Zebra Consultants Pvt Ltd and M/s Parrot Consultant Pvt Ltd.
The dividend is payable on July 9, 2010 to share holders of record at the close of business on June 25, 2010.
Initially most share holders thought S&N was right to reject the 750p offer believing it under valued the company they believed is worth 800p a share.
It added that it had instructed its advisers to continue to look at the best options for the company, its share holders and employees.
Our commitment is to deliver for our customers and our share holders."
"We believe that investing in and financially cleaning up Embratel, while keeping it intact as a company, is more important to Embratel minority share holders than a slightly higher price offer for the company," says Arturo Elias Ayub, Telmex's communications director.
During the battle between President Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United States, the son of one of the major share holders of the bank attempted to kill Jackson, but failed when by the grace of God, or whatever, all three of his pistols misfired.
The cumulative total number of shares repurchased from the 80th Annual General Meeting of Share holders through Dec.
Plans by pub and club group Ultimate Leisure to raise more than pounds 20m from the stock market were approved by share holders yesterday.
The median equity capitalization of the outsourcing firms was $7 billion, so the decision to outsource put an additional $400 million in share holders' pockets.
The event was billed as a summer party for "share holders and key contacts", Camelot admitted.
For mutual insurance companies, there may be no share holders, but there are policyholders, regulators, reinsurers, creditors and others who may rely on the mutual companies' financial statements certified by a member of the accounting profession.