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Person or entity that owns shares or equity in a corporation.


The person or company that owns a share in a publicly-traded company or a mutual fund. The share represents a certain (usually very small) percentage of ownership in the company or the securities underlying the fund. Thus, a stockholder has the right to receive a portion of the company's profits in the form of dividends, and, depending on the type of share, may have a right to vote on matters pertaining to corporate governance. A person or company becomes a stockholder on the record date, that is, on the date that the share was bought. A stockholder is also known as a shareholder.



If you own stock in a corporation, you are a shareholder of that corporation.

You're considered a majority shareholder if you alone or in combination with other shareholders own more than half the company's outstanding shares, which allows you to control the outcome of a corporate vote. Otherwise, you are considered a minority shareholder.

In practice, however, it is possible to gain control by owning less than 51% of the shares, especially if there are a large number of shareholders or you own shares that carry extra voting power.


An individual or entity that owns shares of capital stock.
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