Stock certificate

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Stock certificate

A document representing the number of shares of a corporation owned by a shareholder.
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Stock Certificate

A physical document that gives the person or company listed a portion of ownership in a publicly-traded company. Stock certificates often contain a great deal of information, such as the owner's name, a right attached to the ownership (such as a warrant), or something else entirely. Stock certificates are vitally important as one may use them in court to prove a fact alleged.
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stock certificate

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Stock certificate.

A stock certificate is a paper document that represents ownership shares in a corporation.

In the past, when you bought stock, you got a certificate that listed your name as owner, and showed the number of shares and other relevant information. When you sold the stock, you endorsed the certificate and sent it to your broker.

Stock certificates have been phased out, however, and replaced by electronic records. That means you don't have to safeguard the certificates, and can sell shares by giving an order over the phone or online.

The chief objection that's been raised to the new system is largely nostalgic and aesthetic, since the certificates, with their finely engraved borders and images, are distinctive and often beautiful.

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To cover the dividends and principal balance payments of $20,000 to $50,000 a month, they sold new non-member share certificates, a Ponzi scheme that led to the insolvency of the credit union in 2012.
Analysis of Saga Share Dealing data shows that the average value of paper share certificates is around PS6,500.
Cut to another part of Mumbai, where the Narayanans, a couple in their 60s, have been sitting on share certificates of bluechip companies worth Rs 2,00,000.
About 1.4m HBOS private shareholders (the majority) do not have a share certificate but instead hold their shares through the HBOS Shareholder Account (a nominee account), as a customer of Halifax Share Dealing or in the HBOS Share ISA.
Some have expressed concerns and have reservations about handing over their share certificates to Ranson and the SISU Capital consortium who are seeking 90 per cent control of the club to complete their takeover.
CIBC Mellon Trust Co., the depositary for the transaction, will then distribute a letter of transmittal with nstructions for the return of share certificates and receipt of payment to shareholders of record at the effective time of the plan.
But immediately after a stock split plan is announced, the share price may rise on a combination of growing demand and an unchanged number of shares before printing of additional share certificates.
deliberately shut his eyes to a fact that was obvious to him but he was afraid to inquire into, namely, that Bensberg was perpetrating fraud on [plaintiff] by using share certificates of no value that he had obtained in various stock programs."
Apart from printing the nation's currency, the mint also prints security documents such as bank cheques, stamps, immigration and customs papers, postal orders, passports, treasury bills, academic certificates and share certificates for various government and private clients.
I'd love to see framed share certificates hanging on walls all over East Belfast."