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In conjunction with this review, the shadow rating of the A note from Park Square Building loan was downgraded and the shadow ratings of the A notes from both the Gallery at Harborplace loan and the Amsdell portfolio loan were affirmed, resulting in the these rating changes.
The loan maintains its investment grade shadow rating based on stable performance.
The Walt Disney World Hilton (30%) shadow rating has been downgraded below investment grade.
The Rating Watch Negative status represents the potential for interest shortfalls and possible downgrades due to the loss of the shadow rating.
Due to the decrease in occupancy the shadow rating was downgraded, however, it still remains investment grade.
5%) as well as the downgrade and removal of the shadow rating corresponding to one loan (0.
The loan retains its investment grade shadow rating.
8%), Fitch no longer considers this loan to have an investment grade shadow rating.
The anticipated decrease in cash-flow results in a lowering of the shadow rating, but the property performance is projected to be sufficient to retain an investment grade shadow rating.
Although the larger Extendicare Portfolio maintains its investment grade shadow rating, expenses related to repairs and maintenance, and general and administrative have increased significantly from issuance, resulting in an approximately 28% decline in net cash flow.
One additional loan (12%) reaches its anticipated repayment date in 2012: Sun Valley Mall, which carries an investment grade shadow rating.
All these loans maintain their investment grade shadow ratings due to stable performance.