shadow calendar

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Shadow calendar

A backlog of securities issues registered with the SEC, awaiting the determination of an offer date.

Shadow Calendar

A list of potential new issues that have been filed with the SEC but have not yet been processed. As such, the shadow calendar is the list of new issues that are waiting for permission to be made.

shadow calendar

The security issues in the SEC registration process with no firm offering date.
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Internal 1K deep main and shadow calendars supports scheduling of up to 256 ports.
Parity generation and -- DIP-2 and DIP-4 parity generation and checking checking embedded in ASIC Calendar support -- Embedded 1K deep main and shadow calendar built-in, supports scheduling up to 256 ports and hit-less bandwidth provisioning User design interface -- User friendly FIFO interface from ASIC to FPGA logic for clock domain transfer and ease of design -- Support of up to four user clock domains and 32 FIFOs per Tx and Rx Signal integrity -- Dedicated LVDS drivers and receivers with center tap option increases performance and reduces jitter Flow Control -- An embedded set of write and read port flexibility descriptor memories supports a flexible flow control interface for each SPI4.