settlement price

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Settlement price

A figure determined by the closing range that is used to calculate gains and losses in futures market accounts. Settlement prices are used to determine gains, losses, margin calls, and invoice prices for deliveries. Related: Closing range.

Settlement Price

In futures, the average price at which a futures contract trades on a given day. It is calculated by taking the average of the opening price and the closing price on that day. The settlement price helps a broker determine whether a client's margin account needs to be called, if the price changes too much, and the client holds the contract in question.

settlement price

In futures trading, an official price established at the end of each trading day by using the range of closing prices for a particular contract. This price, similar to the closing price for stock, is used to determine margin requirements and the following day's price limits.
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This coincides with the settlement prices of the NYMEX light sweet crude oil futures contract and other key energy markets.
Reference crude oil around the world remarkably rose during April 2016 the same as settlement prices for March 2016.
Since the second FIT charge was still under approval then, PetroWind Energy has been exporting its generated capacity to the Visayas grid and was being paid based on settlement prices at the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market.
Total Gas & Power North America and Therese Tran, a gas trader for Total in Houston formerly known as Therese Nguyen, settled charges of attempted manipulation of monthly index settlement prices at four major trading hubs in Texas and elsewhere in the Southwest during monthly settlement periods, the CFTC said.
c) Changes related to the determination of daily settlement prices (section 4.
The settlement prices for various global crude oils in February 2015 have seen a remarkable increase compared to the settlement prices the previous month, due to buying support.
The ministry hopes to use the data as settlement prices on the world's first LNG futures market, which is set to open on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.
China and Iran agreed in June to use NITC vessels to supply oil on a delivered ex-ship basis (DES), which sets settlement prices at the point when the oil leaves the tanker in the Chinese port and requests the seller to provide third-party insurance to cover indemnities for oil leaks and personal injuries.
According to the company, the previous contract oil price was based on the NYMEX Settlement prices for West Texas Intermediate (WTI), less certain transportation, quality and other deductions.
In their experimental approach, Wilken, Cornelissen, Backhaus and Schmitz (2010) include 119 student dyads and 41 key account manager dyads to explore the influence of cost information on sales managers' negotiation behavior and negotiation outcomes: Full cost, rather than direct cost information increases sellers' reference prices and leads to increased settlement prices.
Settlement prices will be calculated daily using dividend forecast data supplied by financial information services company Markit.