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Proofs like these are not to be set aside by the idle tongues of cavilers.
But the Truth sits veiled there on the Bench, and never interposes an adamantine syllable; and the most sincere and revolutionary doctrine, put as if the ark of God were carried forward some furlongs, and planted there for the succor of the world, shall in a few weeks be coldly set aside by the same speaker, as morbid; "I thought I was right, but I was not,"--and the same immeasurable credulity demanded for new audacities.
Flushing set aside her sketch and stared ahead of her in silence.
Cousins live in it now, distant cousins, loved with the exact measure of love usually bestowed on cousins who reign in one's stead; cousins of practical views, who have dug up the flower-beds and planted cabbages where roses grew; and though through all the years since my father's death I have held my head so high that it hurt, and loftily refused to listen to their repeated suggestions that I should revisit my old home, something in the sad listlessness of the November days sent my spirit back to old times with a persistency that would not be set aside, and I woke from my musings surprised to find myself sick with longing.
If one had the smallest vestige of superstition in one, it would hardly be possible to set aside completely the idea that one is the mere incarnation, mouthpiece or medium of an almighty power.
Skylarks nesting in set asides have found them vital for survival.
The grey partridge has thrived on set asides and it would be terrible for their numbers if they lose those areas.
In Iowa, two different farmers counted the same 103-acre piece of land in their set asides.
This good financial cushion, the set asides, and the governor's power to reduce expenditures and borrow from other funds, if available, support the 'F1+' rating.
In sum, according to statute and regulations, small business set asides are mandatory for acquisitions valued between $3,000 and $100,000 and take priority over GSA Schedule contracts.
With the filing of the bankruptcy and loss of investment income, the county elected to not make set asides as promised when it sold the Series A&B TRANs.