Service charge

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Service charge

A component of some finance charges, such as the fee for triggering an overdraft checking account into use.

Service Charge

A fee a company or bank assesses for providing an unusual service. For example, a bank may assess a service charge if a person who does not have an account withdraws money from that bank's ATM. It is also called a service fee.
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Service fee defaulters in Emirates Living will not be given vehicle permits to enter communities, according to developer Emaar.
In 75% of deals tracked where the device cost is billed separately from the monthly service fee, the device contract term lasts 24 months.
He added that the CPA is currently conducting a study that will be completed in September or October, examining the reasons behind banks charging extra service fees for renewing ATM cards and other services, calling them profit charges.
Bin Gulaita added that the Land Department recommends the establishment of property owners' associations to properly manage the service fees and to fast-track solutions to disputes between property owners, developers and tenants.
Bank Windhoek's SeniorSave product for clients above 55 years still offers free ATM withdrawals at Bank Windhoek ATMs, free Point-of-Sale transactions and a minimum service fee of only N$2 (including VAT).
But the main reason why I delayed paying my service and chiller-fees is because I have been asking Nakheel for a complete break-down of the service fee costs.
While the implementation of the index would not compulsory, it will bring more transparency into the market and reduce the disputes about service fees.
Ticket buyers tired of the high service fees associated with concert, theater, sporting event tickets and more, can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to SeatQuest's low-to-no fee offering and best-rate technology.
In the past, it was very common for sponsors using entry fees to offer both significant pre-paid "life care" health benefits and reductions in the monthly service fee (as compared with the straight market rate rental pricing concept).
In 1988, 52 percent of ACA's revenue came from dues and service fees.
Expiration dates and service fees, including dormancy fees, are prohibited for this type of card, with limited exceptions.
Villa owners in Emaar's various communities have started to pay their outstanding service fees after the developer disclosed details of defaulters in a name and shame campaign last month.

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