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series EE savings bonds (interest is deferred until the bond is cashed in), and vacant Land expected to appreciate.
Savings Bonds are no longer being issued, and that Series EE savings bonds issued on or after May 1, 2005, earn fixed interest rates, clients who invest in EE bonds should understand that the new rate policy increases interest rate risk.
HOUSEHOLD INCOME Gross Income $150,000 ASSETS Market value of home $260,000 Diane's 401(k) 49,000 Whitney's stocks 1,000 Market value of two cars 34,000 Checking account 2,000 Savings account 1,500 529 plan for children 600 Series EE savings bonds 5,000 Household furnishings 10,000 Total $363,100 LIABILITIES Mortgage $160,000 Car loans 28,000 Student loans 26,000 Credit cards 11,000 Private school tuition 13,000 Total $238,000 NET WORTH $125,100
These "Patriot Bonds," it turned out, were just regular Series EE savings bonds with a new label, and what revenue they raised was not even earmarked for the war on terrorism.
If they shifted all deposits to high-rate savings accounts, CDs, or Series EE Savings Bonds paying at least 3 percentage points higher interest, they would earn at least $30 billion more in interest annually.
Like municipal bonds, series EE savings bonds are tax-advantaged, and investors earn lower yields compared with similar fully taxable investments.
Before RDS, series EE savings bonds purchased "over the counter" from an issuing agent, such as a commercial bank, were conveyed directly to the buyer at the time of purchase.
Series EE savings bonds sold through financial institutions will be specially inscribed with the legend "Patriot Bond.
Using Series EE savings bonds in a college fund may be inadequate since college costs are rising at a rate that often exceeds these bonds' aftertax yield.
For Series EE savings bonds held five years or more, the interest rate will vary based on the then-current yield on the five-year Treasury note.
If you are at least 24 years old and have purchased Series EE savings bonds since 1989 (as sole owner or with your spouse), you may use the interest as a tax-exempt method of paying for your child's education.
10,000 in United States Series EE Savings Bonds will be awarded to the winner upon furnishing a valid birth certificate that clearly indicates the baby's first name as "Turok" to Acclaim Entertainment.