Substantially equal periodic payments

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Substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP)

A method of distribution from IRA account assets that under certain conditions is not subject to the IRS's 10% premature withdrawal penalty for those under age 59-1/2.

Substantially Equal Periodic Payments

Annual distributions that one may take from an IRA without penalty, under certain conditions. Specifically, in order to avoid the penalty, one must agree to receive the payments in roughly the same amount for five years or until one turns 59 1/2 (whichever is longer). The SEPP structure allows one to access money in one's IRA before retirement without penalty, while still discouraging the abuse of the practice.
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In such cases, tax advisors should consider the SEPP, which offers a wider range of planning opportunities.
Note: However, a life only or life with period-certain guarantee settlement option should qualify for the SEPP exception to the 10 percent penalty tax rule under IRC Section 72(q)(2)(D).
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