Separation theorem

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Separation theorem

Theory that the value of an investment to an individual is not dependent on consumption preferences. That is, investors will want to accept or reject the same investment projects by using the NPV rule, regardless of personal preference.
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Separation Theorem

An economic theory stating that the investment decisions of a firm are independent from the firm's owner's wishes. The Separation Theorem states that the productive value of a firm's management neither affects nor is affected by the owner's business decisions. As a result, the performance of a firm's investments has no relation to how they are financed, whether by stock, debt, or cash. The theorem was devised by economist Irving Fisher. See also: Irrelevance result.
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By the classical separation theorem, there exists a nonzero functional [x.sup.*] [member of] [Z.sup.*], such that [x.sup.*]([member of]b' + [lambda]b) [less than or equal to] [x.sup.*] c + [x.sup.*] k for all b' [member of] B, [lambda] [member of] R, andk [member of] K.
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The separation theorem is translated into a simple two sector Keynesian macroeconomic model.
While the Fisher separation theorem uses standard macroeconomic terminology quite comfortably, it fails to consider the implications of these terms.
We show that imperfect hedging violates both the separation theorem and the full hedging theorem.
In such case the widely discussed separation theorem and the full hedging theorem do not hold.
As a consequence of the Separation Theorem we recover, in a more general setting but which is also contained in [6], Ansari's Theorem.
They begin with convex analysis, discussing such aspects as separation theorems for convex sets, differentiability of convex functions and the sub-differential, and a problem of linear programming.
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