Separate account

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Separate Account

An account at an insurance company where funds are invested for a variable annuity. Because the annuitant in a variable annuity assumes the risk of the investment of his/her contributions, his/her funds are held in a separate account away from the general pool of funds that are invested for fixed annuities.

Separate account.

An insurance company's separate account is established to hold the premiums you use to purchase funds included in variable annuity contracts the company offers.

The separate account is distinct from the company's general account, which holds the company's assets as well as premiums for fixed annuities and fixed-income separate account funds.

Assets in a company's separate account are not vulnerable to the claims of creditors, as assets in the general account are. But they can be affected by the ups and downs of the marketplace. Any gain or loss in the annuity's value results from the investment performance of the investments in the separate account funds you select.

References in classic literature ?
And while the three-headed Cerberus was fawning so lovingly on King Pluto, there was the dragon tail wagging against its will, and looking as cross and ill-natured as you can imagine, on its own separate account.
When explaining its decision, the District Court stated that "plaintiffs' alternative investment argument is not a generalized grievance that the plan lacked collective trusts and separate accounts: It is based on allegations that [the] defendants breached their fiduciary duties by selecting particular mutual funds over specific lower-cost, but otherwise materially indistinguishable, alternatives."
Bridgeway currently manages multiple US, long-only equity strategies with approximately $10 billion deployed across institutional separate accounts, sub-advisory relationships, and mutual funds.
But if those couples think that separate accounts will make the splitting any simpler, the attorneys say that's frankly not the case.
What are "separate accounts" in a variable annuity?
If the assets in the separate accounts perform well, the policy's value may substantially exceed its minimum death benefit.
It also clarifies that assets held by insurance company separate accounts may be invested in 81-100 group trusts under some circumstances.
NRA single account was declared unconstitutional, and was replaced by four separate accounts for different tax and insurance payments.
At issue is the country's incomplete transposition of rules on separate accounts laid down in Directive 2012/34/EU.
Two studies uncovered that most of the 117 participating schools could not be audited because they did not have the required separate accounts. One review looked into 52 schools, and found that just two maintained separate accounts.
Unified managed accounts are managed investment accounts that have developed out of separate accounts. Whereas a separate account holds the securities associated with a single investment manager or style managed for a client, a unified managed account typically holds multiple separate accounts, as well as other investment products such as mutual funds and exchange traded funds.
But more importantly, Aviva's loss underscores the need for insurance companies to make every effort to identify funds as being held in insurance company separate accounts.