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Stretching what retro might mean, Duruz suggests 'retro-licious' food can provide a way of acknowledging the recent past through sensory memory.
While the fear response was 60 percent lower in those who had doxycycline in the first session, the researchers found that, importantly, other cognitive measures -- including sensory memory and attention -- were not affected.
I stop, lean over with my hands on my knees and take a deep breath, almost expecting my lungs to fill with icy air." Freddy's "sensory memory" (266) is an example of Warner's "sensory writing," which is able to portray vividly the feelings of the people who navigate the city.
Clearly triggering his sensory memory of a recent rabbit ragout, my son licks his lips and looks up at me with those big inquisitive eyes: "So who owns the hares then?" I shoo the hare off to safety, and herd my son out of the forest and back to the nearest currywurst stand, feigning as if to have forgotten he ever even asked.
* Sensory memory: failure to process information stimulated by one of the five senses
Sensory Memory Module: In the proposed model the sensory memory captured initial information about behavior of interacting person in particular environment.