Sensitive market

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Sensitive market

A market that reacts to a great extent to good or bad news.
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Sensitive Market

A market that can become highly volatile at good news or bad news. Sensitive markets are susceptible to wild fluctuations in price. Many companies attempt to avoid sensitive market by pricing out the news or gradually leaking good and bad news so its stock price rises or falls smoothly and consistently. See also: Price sensitive market.
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by its exports to high-end and the most sensitive markets around the world.
Pakistan produces world class rice and has a well-developed rice processing industry as proved by its exports to high-end and the most sensitive markets around the world.
The FTSE 250 felt a larger impact of the sensitive markets, falling 1.10% to end the day at 14,933.5.
agricultural goods such as beef, rice and soybeans, as well as countries excluding sensitive markets entirely in trade negotiations.
PreTUPS(TM) addresses specific challenges of highly competitive, price sensitive markets - offering flexible denominations, supporting and simplifying extensive distribution hierarchies to enable affordable, cost-effective service delivery.
A number of member states, France first among them, voiced concerns at the time over concessions made to Morocco on fruit and vegetables considered to represent sensitive markets. But the Commission defended the agreement as being of "major offensive interest for the EU" because it phases in over a ten-year period full liberalisation of processed agricultural products, except pasta, to which a quantitative restriction will apply.
Tango Telecom's Dynamic Pricing Service was developed to meet key challenges faced by mobile operators operating in highly price sensitive markets such as customer retention, increasing ARPU and gaining market share.
Manhattan is one of the least interest rate sensitive markets in the world.
"Sex and the City" has survived the censor in other culturally sensitive markets in Asia, presumably by remaining below the radar.
Waters stated that its chromatography business is more vulnerable to economic slowdown because 15%-20% of its revenues come from more economically sensitive markets, such as the chemical industry.
Jawad emphasized that Pakistan should make reforms as per demands of the sensitive markets, including Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, who stress implementation of Good Agriculture Practices (GAP).

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