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They had observed, for instance, that X-ray photons trigger swarms of excitons in semiconductor materials.
Organic semiconductor materials were patterned to produce OPD composed of fine light receiving elements down to 200?
The slow growth of the Lund wires enables the Swedish researchers to orchestrate transitions between different semiconductor materials within just a few atomic layers, he claims.
It is not a solicitation to purchase or sell securities of Galtech Semiconductor Material Corporation.
The newly developed MCRC organic semiconductor material is a solution-processible small-molecular material having the high mobility of 1.
AmberWave Systems Corporation, the semiconductor industry's leading developer of intellectual property relating to strained silicon and other advanced material technologies, announced today the hiring of two senior researchers to expand its work on new semiconductor material and device integration.
Silicon carbide has inherently superior characteristics to silicon and other semiconductor materials in high-power, high-frequency and high-temperature applications.
Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd of Tokyo, Japan has announced that it will buy the compound semiconductor materials business of Japanese Hitachi Cable Ltd, with effect from 1st April.
Computational semiconductor materials science; proceedings.

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