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Why are you selling away our futures, why are you selling centuries to buy yourselves five years in office?' "We are encouraging people to talk to their friends, to raise awareness and talk to their MPs and local politicians in order to pressure them to act."
In contrast to its claims of being competent enough to improve the national economy, the PTI government had so far added a few million to the exchequer by selling away some cars and buffaloes, Mr Chandio remarked.
Now, for a bog-standard group stage game against United, Valencia are selling away tickets for PS76.
If you've ever regretted selling away a Colt Python in your misspent youth, you'd better stop reading right now, 'cause this may just wring some fairly bad language out of you.
Roma received a 50,000 ([pounds sterling]43,600) fine from UEFA and were given a two-match ban on selling away tickets, with the second deferred under a probationary period of two years.
So why is NestlAaAaAeA@ selling away it's iconic brands li Butterfinger, Crunch, BabyRuth, 100Grand, Raisinets, Chunky, OhHenry!, SnoCaps, SweeTarts, LaffyTaffy, Nerds, FunDip, PixyStix, Gobstopper, BottleCaps, Spree and Runts?
My intent is not to diminish the severity of legitimate wrongdoing, such as embezzling a client's assets, forgery, patterns of churning or selling away. My point is that more minor, often unintended wrongdoing is becoming an ever-tightening noose around the necks of advisors.
I should say there are 10 active brands and more brands are silently selling away without getting into advertising.
However, he accused General Micheal Chiengjiek Geay, a recently appointed national minister of interior and Major General Makal Kuol, a defector from the SPLA-IO to Gai, of selling away their people.
Much of Kip's recent work in the financial services industry includes the defense of customer claims on issues of suitability and selling away, defending trust institutions and trust officers in breach of trust actions and extensive representation of both financial advisors and broker-dealers with respect to non-compete and non-solicit agreements and injunctive relief actions.
WREXHAM will be selling away leg Play-Off tickets to Season Ticket holders only from 10am this Sunday from the Yale Stand Ticket Office at the Racecourse Ground.