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A person or organization that relinquishes ownership of some asset in exchange for some monetary compensation. In a cash sale, the seller receives cash or a cash equivalent immediately in exchange for the asset. In a credit sale, the seller surrenders ownership immediately in exchange for future payment, often with interest. A seller is distinguished by the fact that he/she receives payment, as opposed to a buyer, who gives payment, or a donor, who relinquishes an asset for free. See also: Buyer.
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a supplier of a GOOD, SERVICE or FINANCIAL SECURITY. In the first two cases, a broad distinction can be made between suppliers of goods and services such as raw materials, components, plant and equipment which are used to produce other products (that is, suppliers of industrial products) and sellers of products for personal consumption (that is, suppliers of consumer products).

The distinction between these two groups is important in terms of the application of appropriate MARKETING STRATEGIES.

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From app engagement modules such as Shake Shake and interactive games with prizes from sellers, to the introduction of Reviews and Ratings, giving customers a lot more information -the Daraz experience has rapidly become more than just a transaction.
Apart from this, four fruit sellers, four poultry sellers and three bakery items sellers were sent to jail.
* The New Seller Center (launching on September 29th) which gives sellers on Daraz complete ownership of their online business.
Under this tech-enabled initiative, sellers need to simply provide their GST Identification Number (GSTIN) and other key seller details will be auto-populated using tech integration with the government's GST network.
DID YOU BUY FROM A PRIVATE SELLER? IT IS not uncommon for sellers who are actually traders and therefore bound by the full provisions of the Sale of Goods Act to say that they are private sellers online.
Fear of default often precludes sellers from financing the transaction or taking back secondary financing.
Exemption Form: In the situation described above, current SSUTA Section 312 provides that a purchaser that does not hold a direct-pay permit must provide the seller with an MPU Exemption Form.
Buyers prefer that this cap is an amount equal to revenues received from the clients being transferred during the year prior to sale, while sellers prefer that the amount be determined annually, based on actual revenues from these clients.
It will also address financial eliminations--a material weakness that's been identified by OMB and the Government Accountability Office (GAO)--ensuring that sellers' revenue matches buyers' expenses and that both are eliminated (removed from the consolidated total) with no adjustments required.
The firms agree to the latest date when the sellers will reduce their time commitment to the firm and final payments will commence, usually within one to five years.