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A person or organization that relinquishes ownership of some asset in exchange for some monetary compensation. In a cash sale, the seller receives cash or a cash equivalent immediately in exchange for the asset. In a credit sale, the seller surrenders ownership immediately in exchange for future payment, often with interest. A seller is distinguished by the fact that he/she receives payment, as opposed to a buyer, who gives payment, or a donor, who relinquishes an asset for free. See also: Buyer.
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a supplier of a GOOD, SERVICE or FINANCIAL SECURITY. In the first two cases, a broad distinction can be made between suppliers of goods and services such as raw materials, components, plant and equipment which are used to produce other products (that is, suppliers of industrial products) and sellers of products for personal consumption (that is, suppliers of consumer products).

The distinction between these two groups is important in terms of the application of appropriate MARKETING STRATEGIES.

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* Seller, Brittany Cook; buyer, Ronald Stewart; Deed; EN & GW Dillard's 1st Add Dillard Being Subd PT SE/4 SE/4 33-7-2 & SW/4 SW/4 33-7-2 Lots 1 thru 10 Blk 4 & Lots 1 thru 5 Blk 5.
In the same light, Daraz believes that building relationships between customers and sellers and creating a sense of community beyond the transactions that occur, forms the basis of its business model.
F - Terms: where the seller is called upon to deliver the goods to a carrier appointed by the buyer.
* The New Seller Center (launching on September 29th) which gives sellers on Daraz complete ownership of their online business.
Under this tech-enabled initiative, sellers need to simply provide their GST Identification Number (GSTIN) and other key seller details will be auto-populated using tech integration with the government's GST network.
Here are the key things that you need to know: RIGHTS YOU DO NOT HAVE WHEN you buy goods from a business seller, you have the full protection of the Sale of Goods Act, which provides that goods must: be of satisfactory quality; | be fit for purpose, and | match the description given by |the seller.
By definition, Seller Financing means the seller takes on the role of the bank and finances the buyer's purchase.
The form simply is intended to reallocate the burden of determining the proper apportionment of tax away from the seller and onto the purchaser, which presumably maintains sufficient business records to support the apportionment of sales/use tax to multiple jurisdictions.
As a result, many of these transactions, especially for smaller firms or single partner firms being bought by key employees, are structured so the seller actively encourages clients to remain with the buyer.
Reimbursables involve exchanges of goods and services in which the seller uses his or her organization's own funds and gets reimbursed by the buyer, usually through a military interdepartmental purchase request (MIPR).
On the same date as the second transaction, the tax-payer acquired from Seller i the assets and business operations of Seller 1, a firm engaged in the research, design, manufacture, and marketing of Product X in the United States.
In stage one, a seller typically relocates into the buyer's office--the seller's practice becomes an infrastructure within the buyer's.