sell order

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Sell order

An order that may take many different forms by an investor to a broker to sell a particular stock, bond, option, future, mutual fund, or other holding.

Sell Order

An order to a broker to sell a security. A sell order may take any of a number of forms. Depending on the nature of the order, the broker may execute it at the best available price when the order is made, at a set price designated by the client, or according to a more complicated formula. Additionally, the sell order may or may not have an expiration date (though most do). See also: Buy order.

sell order

A brokerage order to sell a specified amount of a security.
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43 through trading of the RIO Sell Orders with Bids in the market for RIO, although not necessarily in price/time priority (Relevant Transactions).
FX traders, like many investors, have trimmed their bets or pulled their offers to sell euros ahead of the cliffhanger election, but the apparent paucity of physical sell orders noted by many in the markets should not be taken as any sign of actual confidence in the common currency.
16 billion) in sell orders from foreign investors were processed, most of them through Deutsche Bank s local securities unit.
73 trillion yen in erroneous sell orders on the Osaka Securities Exchange on Tuesday for futures contracts on the 225-issue Nikkei Stock Average due to an internal trading system error.
amp;nbsp; The dramatic moves also likely triggered large buy and sell orders from automated trading programs.
CSFB did not meet its obligation to make every reasonable effort to execute six of its customer sell orders fully and promptly.
Until recently, that meant he was submitting buy and sell orders through his online account in the middle of the night when the markets were closed and having to wait to find out what prices his orders received.
Information literally shifts gears from the speed of light to the speed of tennis shoes, as buy and sell orders pop out of computer networks into trading pits or specialist posts.
When the stock market is suddenly hit with an avalanche of sell orders, everyone goes 'Oh my God,'" says Jeffrey Miller, of the investment firm of Miller and Tabak, who helped pioneer the use of these futures but now has doubts.
These venues match buy and sell orders without publishing a price quote, and they present potentially significant price and informational benefits for large institutional investors.
shares overnight, but any top side was capped by sell orders placed by foreign brokerages, they said.
Then, seeing that there were more sell orders than buys coming through, he shorted the same company for 34 3/16 at 9:38 a.