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First, the heterogeneity in valuation of insurance coverage, even at their risk types' respectively fair premium rates, relaxes the self-selection constraints and thereby makes separation easier.
Hanson, "International Migration, Self-Selection, and the Distribution of Wages: Evidence from Mexico and the United States," NBER Working Paper No.
Goddeeris (1988) uses a sample from the same lawyer dataset, but estimates a self-selection model suggested by Heckman (1979) to estimate the compensating differential for the choice of public sector law.
In the Rothschild-Stiglitz equilibrium, the contracts (specifying for both types of individuals a pair of premium and insurance coverage associated to each self-insurance effort) offered at Stage 2 act as a self-selection mechanism.
He discusses the impact of open borders and productivity spillovers, as well as the social capital of immigrants; the evolution of immigration policy in the US; factors involved in the self-selection of immigrants; whether their economic well-being improves over time; what happens to their descendants; their impact on the labor market; economic benefits; the fiscal impact; and lessons learned from the evidence.
At the end of follow-up, 74 percent of the prepackaged group achieved a five percent weight loss, compared with 53 percent of the self-selection group.
Under FCPF governance mechanism, CSOs have the privilege of running self-selection process to elect their four regional representatives from across world i.
The switch to OTC status was supported by postmarketing safety data; by consumer studies data, which included a label comprehension study, a self-selection study, and an "actual use" study; and data from a "maximal use" study submitted by the manufacturer.
An objective was set at the beginning of this research project to observe how reading strategies and self-selection worked to change students' negative perceptions of reading as well as how such reading strategies and self-selection could be used to promote engagement and motivation to enrich the literacy-building experience.
Especially among middle-to-upper-income consumers who are becoming more home style-conscious, self-selection of homewares is preferable to receiving hampers containing standard products.
Each EngageOne Video acts as a customer service, sales, and marketing resource as viewers create their own experiences through self-selection of topics and actions relevant to their needs.
Such self-selection does not amount to a true scientific poll.