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R S Munirathinam, President and Shri Dr P Selvaraj, Secretary of the Consortium of Self-Financing Professional, Arts and Science Colleges in Tamil Nadu, K P Anabazhagan, Hon'ble Minister for Higher Education, Govt of Tamil Nadu, K Vivekanandan IAS, Commissioner, Directorate of Technical Education, B Anbu Thambi, Vice President, ICT Academy, Shri Sujith Kumar, Vice President - HR, Infosys Ltd and K Purushothaman, CEO of K7 Computing participated in the seminar and shared their valuable knowledge and experience with the students.
With the transfer to self-financing we could pay more to our employees, and assuming that there will be funds for further development," she said.
The facility, with a budget of 29 million dinars (MD) against 6 MD previously, aims to promote the pace of creation of small businesses and make available to young promoters, who have obtained the preliminary agreement of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), part of the self-financing.
Moscow region's self-financing capacity remains strong.
Speaking to the Parliamentary Committee, the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Professor Ken Attafuah, indicated that the project is self-financing, contrary to assertions that Ghana is going to incur unimaginable costs.
This was said to be extremely relevant as Pakistan that currently relies on international donors to fund essential vaccines is preparing to move towards self-financing these vital vaccine programmes.
Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala's Opposition United Democratic Front raised a din in the state assembly on Tuesday, alleging that the ruling Left Democratic Front had struck a suspicious deal with the managements of self-financing private sector colleges.
Auto Business News-July 28, 2016--Car Harmony launches self-financing tool
Egyptian Media Production City relies on self-financing to operate Magic Land
Kirklees says that while the project is initially funded from the HRA, there will be an overall PS14m feed-in-tariff income over 20 years based on the electricity generated, eventually making the project self-financing.