self-directed IRA

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Self-directed IRA

An IRA that the account holder can after appointing a custodian manager to carry out investment instructions.

Self-Directed IRA

An IRA in which the account holder has a great deal of control over the investments made on the account. That is, either the account holder or a designated representative has the ability to make investments with the contributions made to the account. Generally speaking, a self-directed IRA exists through a brokerage, which makes investments on behalf of the account holder. The brokerage may charge an annual fee for managing a self-directed IRA in addition to the commissions it charges on the individual trades.

self-directed IRA

An individual retirement account that permits its owner to have wide latitude as to types of assets and control over the investments within the account. A self-directed IRA generally refers to IRAs established at brokerage firms in which customers may buy and sell securities. Brokerage firms frequently charge an annual fee of up to $50 in addition to commissions on any trades in an account.
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