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"I didn't do my regular self exams. I had not had a mammogram, and had no family history Ironically, I was home sick on Oct.
Getting of annual mammograms and performing monthly self exams can help detect breast cancer early, when chances of survival are highest.”
Wake Radiology will have a tent available at the race for women to make a mammogram appointment and learn about the importance of conducting monthly self exams. Wake Radiology will also serve as the official transportation sponsor for the event and enter a team of employees and family members to participate in the race.
Informational sheets on performing testicular self exams were given out to hundreds of male students.
But the task force says women should not even do self exams. It says they should do nothing until age 50, unless something manifests.
Before the intervention about six percent of women in both groups were performing adequate self exams - defined as lasting at least five minutes, occurring every month, and fulfilling specific criteria taught during the counseling sessions.
Although there is no reason to discourage women from performing BSE, women who do self exams are increasing their odds of undergoing breast biopsies for benign tumors, said Dr.
"Many women don't know there's an optimum time to do a BSE," Robbins said, adding that women should perform self exams seven to 10 days into their menstrual cycle.
will launch a Breast Self Exam Program, complete with how-to video, in-store seminars and support group tie-in.
Breast self exams (BSE) were practiced regularly by about 30 percent of the women.