seed money

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Seed money

The first contribution by a venture capitalist toward the financing of a new business, often using a loan or purchase of convertible bonds or preferred stock. See: Mezzanine level and second round.

Seed Capital

Money used for the initial market research and/or operations for a company. Seed money is vitally important because, without it, a company can hardly come into being, let alone become successful. It may come from a loan, and initial public offering, or from another source. For example, it is famously said that Ross Perot established Electronic Data Systems with $1,000 in personal savings; in this case, Perot's savings account contained his seed money. See also: Seed round.

seed money

Funds provided to finance the initial stages of a new venture. Seed money may be utilized to conduct research, develop the prototype for a product, or determine if an idea is workable or economically viable.

seed money

The amount of money necessary to begin a real estate development prior to the acquisition of any financing. It will cover the costs of market studies, feasibility studies, loan application expenses,and accounting and legal fees.Also called front money.

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The company also announced it received $670,000 in seed round funding from 500 Startups, Box Group, Start Fund, Y Combinator, and several prominent angel investors.
5M seed round includes a strategic investment from the venture capital arm of Lowe's Companies, Inc.
This seed round was led by Edovate Capital in Colorado along with corporate investments from AT&T, Kaplan, and Techstars.
para]]Social Drinking App's Seed Round is Led by Members of Esteemed Investor Network, New York Angels[[/para]]
25 million seed round led by Roman Abramovich's fund, Millhouse Capital.
As Cloud-based software to dole out payroll seems to be attracting some investors, New York-based Wagepoint has secured a $2 million in a seed round of funding led by Extreme Venture Partners
Seed Round to Fuel Development of Collaborative Business Intelligence Solutions
para]]This seed round from an elite group of investors will fuel product development and user acquisition[[/para]]
5M extension of its seed round of funding led by Great Oaks Venture Capital.
Danny Donado, Bipsync Founder and CEO, said : "Thirty percent of our seed round funding came from individual investment professionals - end users investing their own private capital.
tv, the leading provider of online video content focused on discourse, discussion and debates surrounding the world's most compelling political, social and cultural issues, today announced the closing of its seed round of financing with an investment from Adobe Systems Incorporated.
NEW YORK, April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Caeden, a new design-driven wearable technology company, today announced that it has raised an initial seed round of $1.