seed money

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Seed money

The first contribution by a venture capitalist toward the financing of a new business, often using a loan or purchase of convertible bonds or preferred stock. See: Mezzanine level and second round.

Seed Capital

Money used for the initial market research and/or operations for a company. Seed money is vitally important because, without it, a company can hardly come into being, let alone become successful. It may come from a loan, and initial public offering, or from another source. For example, it is famously said that Ross Perot established Electronic Data Systems with $1,000 in personal savings; in this case, Perot's savings account contained his seed money. See also: Seed round.

seed money

Funds provided to finance the initial stages of a new venture. Seed money may be utilized to conduct research, develop the prototype for a product, or determine if an idea is workable or economically viable.

seed money

The amount of money necessary to begin a real estate development prior to the acquisition of any financing. It will cover the costs of market studies, feasibility studies, loan application expenses,and accounting and legal fees.Also called front money.

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The program's intense timelines provide a 'fast and soft fail' approach to rapidly get projects ready and able to attract seed investment.
CSR funds in seed investments have a great potential as this will encourage communication between industry and technology business incubators and can bring about many successful start-ups," said J Salim Vali, vice president (Impact Investments) at CIIE.
com), has secured $10 million in venture capital funding from a group of investors that includes @Ventures, a division of CMGI, Amicus Investments, Angel Investors, Arba Seed Investment and Glasser LegalWorks.
The Series A investment was completed with TPG Biotech, the life science venture investment arm of TPG which had previously made a seed investment in the Company.
Boeing HorizonX Ventures led this second seed investment round, which included a follow-on investment by HPC Energy Services, a Canadian integrated oil and gas product and service company.
Oracle, OpenSSL and SafeLogic today announced a seed investment in developing the next generation open source OpenSSL 1.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 8, 2016-Sober Grid gets seed investment from Launchpad Digital
In response, technology law firm Simmonds Stewart has published two new seed investment documents in the firm's library of free legal templates for use by Kiwi startups: Kiwi keep investment simple security (based on 500 Startups' "keep-it-simple-security" or KISS); and Kiwi startups agreement for future equity (based on Y Combinator's "simple agreement for future equity" or SAFE).
DIGITAL technology company Nudjed has secured PS100,000 in a second-round seed investment to help accelerate the company's product and market development.
The company is now set to see accelerated growth after securing seed investment and forming new key partnerships with other industry leaders.
1m) seed investment from Octopus Investments and Bessemer Venture Partners.
The firm will start operations by next quarter and has received seed investment from Meritage Group LP, according to a Bloomberg report.