Security ratings

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Security ratings

Commercial rating agencies' assessment of the credit and investment risk of securities.

Bond Rating

A measure of the likelihood of a bond's default. Credit ratings agencies conduct credit analysis in order to provide bond ratings; the criteria and the ratings themselves may change these from time to time. Bond ratings are important to bond investors as they make investment decisions. For example, if a bond has a low rating and an investor is risk averse, he/she will be unlikely to invest in that bond, as it will lead to an increased possibility that the investor will lose the amount invested. See also: Investment-grade, Junk.
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Voigt states, "Because our security rating module is standards-based, it isn't your typical subjective, check-list approach to assessment or program planning.
Travelers must have the right to review their personal information for accuracy and have a method of appealing incorrect security ratings," continued Devine.
the number one provider of data center automation software, today announced that @stake, the leading digital security consulting firm, has assessed BladeLogic Operations Manager(TM)to have the highest security ratings available in the categories of authentication, authorization, communication security, and cryptography after a comprehensive evaluation of the software.
The security ratings are based upon a limited guarantee of principal and interest payments from Citigroup.
The above rating(s) are CPA (Claims Paying Ability) ratings, not investment security ratings and reflect Montpelier Reinsurance Ltd's ability to pay policy holder claims.
Other long-term fixed income security ratings, as well as the company's short-term and commercial paper ratings, were also affirmed, and are listed below.

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