Security ratings

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Security ratings

Commercial rating agencies' assessment of the credit and investment risk of securities.
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Bond Rating

A measure of the likelihood of a bond's default. Credit ratings agencies conduct credit analysis in order to provide bond ratings; the criteria and the ratings themselves may change these from time to time. Bond ratings are important to bond investors as they make investment decisions. For example, if a bond has a low rating and an investor is risk averse, he/she will be unlikely to invest in that bond, as it will lead to an increased possibility that the investor will lose the amount invested. See also: Investment-grade, Junk.
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The BitSight Security Ratings Platform applies sophisticated algorithms, producing daily security ratings that range from 250 to 900, to help manage their own security performance; mitigate third party risk; underwrite cyber insurance policies; conduct M&A due diligence and assess aggregate risk.
While security ratings can serve as a helpful starting point for businesses looking to evaluate their own security posture or the risk exposure created by third parties, the paper cautions that ratings do not provide a full picture of an organization's cybersecurity program.
Observed security events and configurations, such as communication with a botnet, malware distribution, and email server configuration, are assessed for severity, frequency and duration, and used to generate objective, accurate, and actionable Security Ratings. BitSight Security Ratings range from 250 to 900, with higher ratings equating to higher security performance.
There will be winners in each of the 10 categories as ranked by the New Vehicle Security Ratings scheme.
Car Theft Index at, and the New Car Security Ratings at, provided by the insurance industry, both show the relative thief resistance of different cars.
Ideally, Customs would like to know the complete history of the shipment and security ratings for all the firms that touched the shipment.
STANDARD & POOR'S RATINGS SERVICES HAS assigned a negative outlook to seven CMBS security ratings from five separate transactions.
To find out how the security of your preferred make and model rates, look at the car theft index at and new car security ratings provided by the insurance industry at
The least crime-proof cars were disclosed yesterday at the launch of a new system of vehicle security ratings.
Third, how would we make security ratings meaningful?
With the new no-lift method, comfort and security ratings achieved were .75 and 1.16, respectively.
In general, the study found that sites with lighting levels below three foot-candles were given low security ratings, usually between -4 and 1.

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