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Security interest

The creditor's right to take property or a portion of property offered as security.
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Security Interest

A creditor's legal right to take possession of certain property offered as security or collateral. For example, in a margin account, the brokerage making the margin loan may require its client to deposit some or all of the borrowed securities with the brokerage. The right of the brokerage to demand that is its security interest.
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security interest

Rights in property, voluntarily granted by a borrower to a lender, so that the property may serve as collateral for a loan and be subject to seizure and sale in the event of default.

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The challenge is accessing these privileged actions, which is only afforded to specific security devices that are recognized under Mexican law.
It was primarily engaged in the precision machinery business, which produces security devices, camera modules and semiconductor components and equipment, and the defense business which manufactures aircraft engines and parts and self-propelled artillery.
The Small Retailers Grants Fund is offering grants of up to pounds 3,000 to small retailers in 50 priority areas, to buy security devices including security grills or dye packs to mark goods.
The study found that security devices generating the most consumer acceptance were those that were applied by the manufacturer.
Since 2003, the port has installed 35 cameras and more than 80 other security devices and has room for another 2,000.
By faithfully relying on security devices that (a) protect the network perimeter and (b) rely on signature-based technology, the hackers have now devised attacks to take advantage of this paradigm.
As a result of letters being sent to private landlords advising them to review the security of their properties many of the houses have been fitted with burglar alarms and other security devices.
Intended for quality assurance engineers and security analysts, this guide show how to audit security devices and suggests design modifications and code-level fixes that can be applied to applications and devices to mitigate the risk of most exposures.
The netForensics solution will monitor approximately 400 security devices across the NNSA enterprise to provide cyber security and IT personnel with the information required to understand risks and make informed decisions.
Another way of hiding information in the face of the threat of surveillance is to engage in a technological arms race: developing security devices and defensive techniques as rapidly as surveillance techniques expand.
CPC also underscored the need to develop design standards to minimize the intrusiveness of security devices on public streets and sidewalks.
A new crime prevention scheme installing various security devices into the homes of the elderly has also been launched.

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