Securities Exchange of Thailand

Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET)

The only stock market in Thailand, based in Bangkok.

Stock Exchange of Thailand

The main securities exchange in Thailand. It was established in 1975 out of a desire by the Thai government to maintain a securities exchange in the country following the failure of the Bangkok Stock Exchange. Securities traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand are divided into eight industries, which are subdivided into 25 sectors. It was known as the Securities Exchange of Thailand until 1991, which is the same year it set up electronic trading.
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The company's shares are traded at the Securities Exchange of Thailand.
The Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index, which had historically been used by the Fund as its benchmark, is a price only index, which does not include the reinvestment of dividends in its calculation of index performance.
The following table sets forth information regarding the Fund's net asset value ("NAV") per share; the last sale price of the Fund's common stock on the NYSE; the percentage discount of the market price to NAV; and the index of equity securities traded on the Securities Exchange of Thailand ("SET Index"), as calculated by the Securities Exchange of Thailand, on November 17, 1994, the day the Fund announced the terms of the rights offering, and on December 8, 1994.

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