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SecureZIP Reader extends the PKWARE enterprise security solution to phones and tablets, solving the problem of securing data in the Cloud.
Data-centric security and compression software provider PKWARE Inc announced on Thursday the latest version 12 release of PKZIP and SecureZIP for z/OS on System z.
With the launch of SecureZIP in 2005, PKWARE successfully entered the data security marketplace, combining ZIP compression and strong encryption to deliver a data-centric security solution.
Lufthansa Systems is using SecureZIP to transfer sensitive information across its global network and with its external partners and customers.
In related news today, PKWARE announced the introduction of its new SecureZIP line of cross-platform security products designed for enterprises seeking advanced data security capabilities that leverage the ease-of-deployment and use, efficiency, and interoperability characteristic of ZIP (see separate announcement, "PKWARE Introduces SecureZIP for Windows").
The company will today announce that it has segmented its Windows software into two flavors, SecureZIP and PKZip.
TI PKWARE DEBUTS PKZIP AND SECUREZIP FOR SYSTEM Z LINUX >TX PKWARE, Inc., Milwaukee, a leading provider of data-centric security and compression software, has introduced their PKZIP and SecureZIP products for Linux on the System z operating platform.