Section 167

Section 167 (26 U.S.C. §167)

The Internal Revenue Code section that addresses depreciation deductions.To find the law's text,see the instructions at Section (federal code).

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The charges have been framed against 10 people including Sengar, his brother, Makhi police station in-charge Ashok Singh Bhadoria, sub-inspector Kantapratap Singh and constable Amir Khan under several sections including section 166 (public servant disobeying law, with intent to cause injury to any person) and section 167 (public servant framing an incorrect document with intent to cause injury) of the IPC.
Under Section 167 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, a suspect can be remanded into custody of police for 15 days by the concerned magistrate.
The prosecutor said the offence contravened the provisions of Section 167 of the Penal Code.
This change in accounting method is allowed under Section 43 of the National Internal Revenue Code in relation to Section 167 and 168 of Revenue Regulations 2-40.
INDETERMINATE"I find section 167 of the CPC (Criminal Procedure Code) discriminative to people with mental illness for prescribing their detention to be in prison instead of a health facility and for the detention to be indeterminate.
Definition of qualified property The term qualified property is generally defined to mean, with respect to any qualified trade or business, tangible property of a character subject to depreciation under section 167 that is (i) held by and available for use in the qualified trade or business at the close of the taxable year, (ii) which is used at any point during the taxable year in the production of QBI, and (iii) the depreciable period for which has not ended before the close of the taxable year.
When an accused person who physically appears to be juvenile for the purpose of this Act is brought before a Court under section 167 of the Code, the Court before granting further detention shall record its findings regarding age on the basis of available record including the report submitted by the police or medical examination report by a medical officer, the draft bill said.
Section 167.161 provides the statutory permission for a district to suspend and expel students, "which is prejudicial to good order and discipline in the schools or which tends to impair the morale or good conduct of the pupils." (54) Section 167.164 explicitly states that the fact that a student is suspended or expelled from a school "shall not relieve the state or the suspended student's parents or guardians of their responsibilities to educate the student." (55) Section 167.164 also encourages the local school district to set up an in-school suspension system, create discipline alternatives to suspension and expulsion, and provide alternative education programs; however, it docs not mandate these actions.
At the place of the meeting, the chairman of the meeting will announce that voting for resolutions will be through poll as demand for poll is received in accordance with section 167 of the ordinance.
Glenn BaAaAaAeA~ez said that the policy was bas on Section 167 of the Local Government Code.
1239(a) provides that "in the case of a sale or exchange of property, directly or indirectly, between related persons, any gain recognized to the transferor shall be treated as ordinary income if such property is, in the hands of the transferee, of a character that is subject to the allowance for depreciation provided in section 167." Under Sec.
Daud Ali, of Wakehurst Place, Cardiff, and Sharif Ali, of Pioneer House, Adelaide Street, Coventry, both deny conspiracy to commit offences under Section 167 of the Customs and Excise Management 1979.