Section 16

Section 16(a)

Provision of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 that requires company insiders to file periodic reports disclosing their holdings and changes in beneficial ownership of the company's equity securities.

Section 16(b)

Provision of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 that requires that any profit realized by a company insider from the purchase and sale, or sale and purchase, of the company's equity securities within a period of less than six months must be returned to the company. It is also known as the "short-swing profit" rule.
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In its landmark ruling in the Oposa case now analyzed by students of law, the Court defines the phrase 'in accord with the rhyme and rhythm of nature' (of Section 16) as the 'judicious disposition, utilization, management, renewal and conservation of the country's forests, minerals, land, waters, fisheries, wildlife, offshore areas and other natural resources to the end that their exploitation, development and utilization be equitably accessible to the present as well as future generations.'
ISLAMABAD, 26 March , 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Ch.Muhammad Nasrullah Warraich and Abdul Qaddous Mian advocates from Lahore have been notified as Members of the Pakistan Bar Council, in terms of Section 16 of the Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Act, 1973.
'Since the first day of Ramadan (May 6), some 2,869 premises have been inspected throughout Selangor, out of which only one (stall) was given a warning for not displaying a price list,' he told reporters after leading an inspection at the Section 16 Ramadan bazaar here yesterday.
The fifth point states: 'Fifthly, that the right accrued to the petitioners, whether employees of the institution or civil servants, in view of the previous legislation cannot be taken away through the impugned Act.' The said point was related to Section 16 of MTIRA.
These members will attend the Section 16 Soil Judging competition on October 2nd at Okaw Valley.
0012771588 of Mohammed Musa Abimiku on the 4th of November, 2014 for the observance of the 9th day of December 2014 International Anti-Corruption Day by the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) of the Ministry and its Parastatals, that the said sum was expended for that purpose, when in fact it was not; and you thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 16 of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000', the count added.'
Furthermore, the DOJ chief said the issues raised by the parties prescind from a divergence in the interpretation of Section 5 of Republic Act 9406 or the PAO Law in relation to Section 16 of RA 10071 or the National Prosecution Service Law which was enacted in 2010 or three years after RA 9406 was passed.
Officials told Dawn that far-reaching, mostly hidden, impact amendments had been proposed in Section 16, which dealt with service matters.
PRC said that pursuant to Section 16, of Republic Act No.
It said sections 186, 188, 290, 291, 353, and 427 of the PPC as well as section 16 of the Maintenance of Public Order had been included in the FIR.