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Secondary market

The market in which securities are traded after they are initially offered in the primary market. Most trading occurs in the secondary market. The New York Stock Exchange, as well as all other stock exchanges and the bond markets, are secondary markets. Seasoned securities are traded in the secondary market.

Secondary Market

The market for all investors in a security, except for the first ones to whom a new issue of a security is sold. The secondary market consists of all sellers and buyers, except for the issuer and the first group of investors who bought the issue. The secondary market is often less volatile than the primary market because it is easier to determine the underlying value of a security after it has already begun trading. Nearly all trading of a security occurs on the secondary market.

secondary market

The market in which existing securities are traded among investors through an intermediary. Organized exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange facilitate the trading of securities in the secondary market. Also called aftermarket. Compare fourth market, primary market, third market.

Secondary market.

When investors buy and sell securities through a brokerage account, the transactions occur on what's known as the secondary market.

While the secondary market isn't a place, it includes all of the exchanges, trading rooms, and electronic networks where these transactions take place.

The issuer -- company or government -- that sold the security initially receives no proceeds from these trades, as it does when the securities are sold for the first time.

secondary market

A general description for the sale and purchase of financial instruments.The New York Stock Exchange is a secondary market for shares of stock. Although there is not a similar central exchange vehicle,trading in existing mortgages is also called the secondary market.

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Summary: The gross price paid in both the off-plan market and secondary market is very similar
Indeed, Borges' background in both the public and private sector makes him uniquely qualified to take Landmark's experience in secondary markets to the next level.
The final regulations contain two changes to the definition of a secondary market and the substantial equivalent thereof.
1], depends on the expected value of the security in secondary market trading, [v.
Thanks in large part to the efforts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, multi-family lending is sufficiently standardized for efficient secondary market treatment.
The webinar is led by an expert on the secondary sale of private company stock in secondary markets, Will Quist, Managing Director at Industry Ventures, and focuses on:
Private joint stock firms from across the Gulf will be able to list in the newly set up two secondary markets of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Many of the issues associated with the secondary market are tied to the fact that we are in the wake of the refi boom, and as the industry contracts, mortgage company owners are faced with a wave of more stringent compliance requirements, making it harder for lenders to compete," Lykken said.
CAFC's mortgage inventory will be sold into the secondary market.
As discussed in CAIT's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, these factors may include, but are not limited to, changes in general economic conditions, the availability of suitable investments, fluctuations in and market expectations for fluctuations in interest rates and levels of mortgage prepayments, deterioration in credit quality and ratings, the effectiveness of risk management strategies, the impact of leverage, the liquidity of secondary markets and credit markets, increases in costs and other general competitive factors.
These federal and state legislative efforts protect both the primary and secondary markets for life insurance and the benefits of life insurance to American consumers.
We anticipate that this will be one of the next robust secondary markets to materialize this decade, much like the mortgage-backed market did in the 1980's.

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