Secondary issue

Secondary issue

(1) Procedure for selling blocks of seasoned issues of stocks. (2) More generally, sale of already issued stock.

Secondary Issue

1. The sale of a security that has already been issued. Generally speaking, it refers to any sale of a security other than transactions at the initial public offering, in the case of a stock, or the issuance, in the case of a bond.

2. The procedure followed when a firm attempts to sell more than 10,000 stocks or $200,000 worth of bonds that have previously been issued. See also: Seasoned stocks, Block.
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8million but that they consider as a secondary issue.
A secondary issue with the Galaxy Note 7 was the batteries were too large to fit safely within the handset.
Qassemi expressed regret that the Palestinian problem has turned into a secondary issue in the Muslim world following the attempts made by Israel to sow discord among the Islamic countries.
Qasemi added that Tel Aviv regime spares no efforts to sow discord in the Muslim World and the Arab states in order to make the issue of Palestine to a secondary issue.
Mr Faughnan added: "It's a sad state of affairs when the safety of road users is a secondary issue for motorists.
Health is secondary issue that's why average life in Pakistan is nearly 60 years.
Your husband hating your parents is a secondary issue.
Secondary issue door (seen as red door in Picture A), made out of 50mm expanded steel
Malik said his aim was to play for Pakistan, while captaincy was a secondary issue.
Our findings suggest that while climate change could be deflecting attention from biodiversity loss in terms of funding, in other areas the sentiment shared by many conservationists that biodiversity loss is now a secondary issue could be a result of a comparatively quicker rise in prominence of climate change," Dr.
Mainstream politicians should treat violence against women as a priority rather than a secondary issue.
I have met a abuser But Nottingham Trent University senior psychology lecturer Serena Simmons, whose research work has seen her come face to face with some of Britain's worst sex offenders, said drugs are often a secondary issue when it comes to child abusers.

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