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With this, the organisation concludes a period of 28 years of service to the community as a secondary bank institution.
The simple introduction of a secondary bank account to collect VAT monies owed should ensure payments can be met when requested.
While just 5% of consumers use a secondary bank for checking and savings, 42% use a secondary bank for a credit card, 24% for a mortgage, 24% for an auto loan, and 27% for an IRA.
Given Japanese habits related to financial eggs and multiple banking baskets (in 2005, over 520 million bank accounts, including Post Office accounts, were held by a total population of just over 120 million people), the role of a secondary bank is hardly a rarity and is a viable market position.
Though the same criteria were found to be strongly influential in choosing the secondary bank, offering an incentive was also significantly more important in prompting the choice of secondary bank.
There is still plenty of credit about for appropriately priced and valued projects and much of the pain has been felt by hedge funds and the odd secondary bank in Europe.
The program would have three components: (a) regulation of the Execution of the Monetary Policy and Adjustment of the structure of the Central Bank to fulfill the objectives of the new Monetary Law; (b) strengthening of the banking supervision and development of the financial market; and (c) creation of a secondary bank--the new Monetary and Financial Law includes the constitution of a new secondary bank that will be dedicated to the arrangement and facilitation of resources for the productive sectors, as well as the promotion of a secondary market of mortgages.
I got a job interview with the manager of a secondary bank.
A secondary bank of x-ray machines and people per form subsequent checks until each bag is cleared.
Remember Credit Squeezes and the Secondary Bank crisis?
There are any number of smaller institutions that would like to improve their loan portfolio management via the secondary bank loan market but don't want to allocate large resources to staffing an entire loan-trading operation.
The Loan Trading team trades performing primary and secondary bank debt and options on bank debt.