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A FIVE-year-old boy has conquered one of Ireland's most terrifying sea stacks.
But in the end, we decided to do some of the final sea stacks together, including the Old Man of Hoy."
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP Theatre Royal and Grey Street in Newcastle by harra1958; Cullercoats Bay by Anthony Beavers; the Church of Our Lady at Seaton Delaval Hall by Paul Sproat; sea stack at Marsden by K Arran.
The island is crisscrossed with spectacular walks taking you past fantastic sea stacks and caves.
EASY SQUEEZY David, above, and playing accordion on sea stack
Ju A sea stack, a turret of rock stands like a sentinel off the coast and the beach is even said to have a resident ghost of a sailor from a shipwrecked Spanish Armada ship.
A ROCK climber has told how he feared he would die while trying to climb a treacherous sea stack.
Bonington was the first to climb the sea stack in 1966 along with Rusty Baillie and Tom Patey.
Climb a sea stack, fly a kite on the beach, photograph passing ships, or overnight at a blufftop campsite.
At Birsay, a little island off Mainland, Orkney, there's a small sea stack just off the shore which sometimes has a colony of Arctic terns.
They're both terrific ladies, but Maggie's experience is the most exciting in TV terms and, after just 18 days of training, she's off to tackle a 60-metre sea stack called the Old Man Of Stoer.