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She became a script reader at RKO, where she learned about the business, made friends and met Michael Kanin; they spent their honeymoon in 1940 penning a screenplay.
He then worked as a film script reader, a stand-up comedian, a cartoonist and an NHS lackey before he finally turned to writing.
Robert Kulzer was able to go from script reader in Germany to executive in Los Angeles to highly successful producer, all without ever leaving the company that gave him his very first job in the film business.
I have a feeling God didn't see Beyond Therapy (although maybe he read a script reader's report on it).
As a script reader for a film company, she hangs out with the beautiful people.
The genesis of the pic goes back to October 2007, when Geoff LaTulippe--in his fourth year as a script reader for New Line and frustrated with not having written scripts of his own--observed that Neustadter's own long-distance relationship could be the stuff of movies.
Sussman follows Lloyd's eversinuous career path, from his turns as Charlie Chaplin's tennis partner and "Limelight" actor to Lewis Milestone's script reader to stager of the first American production of Brecht's "Galileo," starring Charles Laughton, during the early days of HUAC.