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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 13, 2019-: Scottish Secretary welcomes August 2019 Labour Market Statistics
Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has said the UK Government's proposed PS30,000 salary threshold for EU migrants is too high and should be lowered.
Sir -Should our Dumfries and Galloway MP, Alister Jack, be congratulated on his promotion to the cabinet as Scottish Secretary? Although it seems that, since the creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, this has been largely a sinecure, his role, as an enthusiastic cheerleader for leaving the European Union, might be simply to add weight to the overwhelmingly Brexiteer composition of Boris Johnson's cabinet.
And there was no room for procrastinators, as Scottish Secretary David Mundell found out to his cost -- a man whose only ambition was to save his own job and he couldn't even manage that, and tellingly Ruth Davidson's pleadings to Boris Johnson carried no influence.
Mundell was dumped as Scottish Secretary yesterday in the new Prime Minister's "night of the blond knives" Cabinet reshuffle - despite a craven U-turn to back Johnson.
It is time the Scottish Secretary did his job for once by standing up for Scotland's interests."
But the district council, which drew up a detailed plan for the area, was to protest to Scottish Secretary George Younger, we reported in February 1982.
With whisky boosting the UK economy by about PS5 billion a year, Scottish Secretary David Mundell said ministers are keen to open up new markets around the world for the iconic drink.
Just two Scottish MPs back replacing Trident, with 56 SNP MPs and Labour's shadow Scottish Secretary Ian Murray indicating they would not support its renewal.
SCOTLAND'S First Minister and the Scottish Secretary have hailed the independence referendum as an opportunity of a lifetime on the day that marks exactly a year until the historic vote.
Their comments came ahead of a meeting with First Minister Alex Salmond and Scottish Secretary Michael Moore, officials from the two sides announced.
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