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Written or oral confirmation that all or part of one's order has been executed, including the price and size parameters of the trade being reported; often followed by a fresh picture.
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1. See: Stockholder's report.

2. Confirmation that a broker makes to a client that an order has been executed. The report includes all relevant information, such as price and order size. It may be made orally or in writing. See also: Fresh picture.
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A confirmation of a transaction at the time of execution.
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He also briefed the disciplinary board of the Prime Ministry twice about the content of the scientific report on the listening devices.
The official told the AP the Iranian scientific report warns that "data collected since the year 2000 shows the incontrovertible risks of establishing nuclear sites in the proximity of fault lines" in 20 provinces, including Khuzestan.
A NEW scientific report from Bristol University claims that "neanderthals who were found to wear make-up were not half-wits".
The earliest detailed scientific report appeared in 1923, 11 years after the discovery.
For some reason, this scientific report made us think of the "whoosh!" sound when a can of coffee is opened: "Use of vacuum-assisted closure for management of a large skin wound in a cat" (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Vol.
This is a personal and popular account, not a scientific report.
It is the first scientific report of such a development.
Data indicating that levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are at their highest for 650,000 years, and evidence that the Arctic region will be most affected by climate change, are among the findings in a new scientific report published by the European Commission.
In an effort to gain a better understanding of these effects, a recent scientific report examined more than 1,200 women who consumed varying amounts of fiber and maintained this diet for one year.
The scientific report cited is more an op-ed piece because it is not from a refereed journal--rather it is from the Web site of "concerned scientists" who present one-sided information heralded as the truth by the greens.
The specific genre that students were required to write in was the scientific report, specifically a Biology report; this was required in nearly all written assessments throughout the year.

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