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Scaling and polishing of the teeth will reduce gingivitis and bleeding and will prevent periodontitis.
M., "A Study of Evaporator Scaling: An Evaluation of Thermal Deactivation," Project 3234, Report 4, The Institute of Paper Chemistry, Atlanta, GA, November 15, 1977.
The equation gave the researchers a way to compare organisms with different body temperatures--a person and a crab, or a lizard and a sycamore tree--and thereby enabled the team not just to confirm previously known scaling laws but also to discover new ones.
"SQL Server 2000 (64-bit) takes maximum advantage of the vertical scaling of the Unisys ES7000, and the unparalleled performance of the Itanium 2 chip, providing customers with outstanding performance at a low total cost.
The fundamental goal of scaling is to minimize errors when information collected at one scale is used to estimate properties at another scale (e.g., using information about individual leaves to estimate properties of a canopy).
Tamir & Lunetta (1977) compared the use of ipsative and normative scaling of cognitive preference tests.
Long before production grinds to a stop, scaling can exert a more insidious influence, says Mike Davis, parts manager for AEC/Application Engineering.
This switch-based out-of-band approach is also much more amenable to a "scale-out" scaling strategy.
A particular focus of these efforts will be to demonstrate the merits of Windows-based "vertical scaling"--running applications in a single, expandable environment--for high-performance computing solutions.
Scaling is set so that the same result should be obtained from both instruments.
Although filmmakers continue to ignore scaling laws, scientists have known about them for hundreds of years.