Santa Claus rally

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Santa Claus Rally

Seasonal rise in stock prices in the last week of the calendar year, between Christmas and New Year's Day.
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Year-End Rally

A rise in stock prices that sometimes occurs on the trading days between Christmas and New Year's Day, occasionally extending into the first few trading days of January. Year-end rallies are thought to occur in anticipation of the January effect, which is a rise in demand for stocks resulting from the increased liquidity among investors who closed positions prior to the end of the year for tax purposes. A year-end rally is also called a Santa Claus rally.
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Santa Claus rally

A rise in security prices that occurs during the last week of the calendar year and during the first few days of the new year. Also called year-end rally.
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But efforts at a late Santa Claus rally failed to salve investors after a year that brought gains for very few categories of financial assets, from stocks to bonds and commodities.
But even a late Santa Claus rally will do little to salve the 8 percent declines for the MSCI index this month and a year that brought gains for very few categories of financial assets, from stocks to bonds and commodities.
During this so-called Santa Claus rally, share prices gain an average of 2.9 percent.
The next two or three weeks are historically a happy time for shareholders -- dubbed the Santa Claus Rally -- as traders finish out one year and reach for optimism to start the next.
Wall Street's volatility remained last week despite largely upbeat economic data, and the so-called "Santa Claus rally" expected in December has not appeared.
While Lululemon's comps will "inevitably slow against difficult compares," its double-digit revenue growth can continue, Duffy tells investors in a research note titled "Opportunity in Uncertainty, Santa Claus Rally Hasn't Come but We Found a Gift, Upgrade to Buy." The analyst sees potential upside to Q4 and 2019 consensus estimates, and views the company's 2020 objectives of $4B in revenue and implied earnings power of $5.00 per share as "low hurdles." As such, he expects Lululemon's "premium multiple will hold." Despite fundamental strength, the stock's multiple has compressed, resulting in a 26.7% selloff in shares since the September 28 highs, Duffy points out.
According to an investment report by United Capital titled 'is a Santa Claus rally imminent' the analysts noted that history shows 'the All Share Index has averaged a return of 2.8 percent in the final month of the year since 1998 - second only to May which has averaged 5.3 percent.'
The market experienced a trifecta, beginning with the Santa Claus rally during the seven-day stretch that ended Jan.
Pak Equities extended on gains seen yesterday with the recovery spawning a new set of legs as investors lined up for the Santa Claus rally. Expectations of timely elections and naming of his brother Shahbaz as next in line for the slot of premiership by ousted PM Nawaz Sharif helped the index gain (1.3%), said a dealer at Topline Securities.
"I expect the Santa Claus rally to carry on for the weeks ahead given no negative surprises.
In a blog post earlier this month, Brad McMillan of Commonwealth Financial Network noted that the S&P was already up more than 3% in the month and near its all-time high, writing that "the post-election rally has morphed into a Santa Claus rally without missing a beat." As for Dow 20,000, McMillan pointed out that such milestones "first act as a ceiling, but if there's enough energy to move through them convincingly, they then tend to act as a floor." However, McMillan concluded that with both fundamentals and consumer confidence improving, "if we can break through Dow 20K, future gains are likely," helped along by institutional investors' year-end buying.
STOCK market investors get excited at this time of the year about a 'Santa Claus rally', with markets rising more in December than other months.

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