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1. Informal; an anti-takeover measure.

2. When a company desires a takeover and it has a potential buyer, a stalling tactic the company uses to find a better buyer without scaring off the buyer it already has.

3. In sales, the practice of a salesperson to delay the completion of a deal until such time as he/she will be able to maximize his/her commission.


An action taken by a company to stall an anticipated takeover attempt.
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To learn more about the entire Sandbaggers lineup--its designs and catalogues are refreshed twice a year--visit www.
Since that time nearly 600 sandbaggers have been sold world wide to contain flooding, for military purposes and other uses.
The Sandbaggers was made by Yorkshire Television with location shooting in London, Malta and the streets of Leeds.
The physics of the system are outstanding," said Sandbaggers owner and president Rick Vogel.
and DAVENPORT, Iowa, April 24 /PRNewswire Interactive News Release/ -- Sandbags by the tens of thousands are being filled by sandbagging machines loaned free of charge by The Sandbagger Corp.
Stacey Kanzler, who invented the Sandbagger and a new industry for fighting floods, said a five person crew from preteenagers to adults can fill up to 1,600 sandbags an hour using her equipment.
Although Dennis Burgess did a lot of theatre work many of his acting jobs throughout the 1970s were small parts in popular TV series such The Professionals, The Sandbaggers, Space 1999, Within These Walls and Public Eye.
The58-year-old actress, best known for her roles in The Cuckoo Waltz, The Sandbaggers and Rings On Their Fingers, took a lead role in the 1987Taggart production Cold Blood, free thanks to your Daily Record on Monday.
Stacey Kanzler, president, said her company is donating the equipment and personnel to help Minnesota because emergency officials said they desperately need help although the funds are not immediately available to buy the sandbaggers.
She later appeared in The Sandbaggers and Tales Of The Unexpected, The Bill, and starred opposite Malcolm McDowell in the movie The Fairy King Of Ar.
Twelve sandbaggers have been purchased in neighboring North Dakota.