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Glen has 14 years of experience in US economic and financial sanctions, trade controls, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering law.
Forty-seven previously published articles and excerpts, presented in two volumes, are grouped under the following headings: governance, diffusion, democracy, domestic, immigration, conflict, sanctions, trade, and finance.
sanctions, trade with the region dropped to less than 2 percent in 2010, according to the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy in Seoul.
Despite various rounds of sanctions, trade between the two countries has thrived for many years.
Japan's top oil explorer Inpex may pull out of an oil field project in Iran, joining other global firms in abandoning activities there to avoid US sanctions, trade minister Akihiro Ohata said.
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They may be dressed-up as economic sanctions, trade barriers, commerce incentives or trade equalizers, but underneath all the verbal finery, a tariff is a weapon, a double-edged sword.
The UN have their own armoury of sanctions, trade embargoes and loan deals at their disposal.
The current battle of wills between Mr Mandela and the Nigerian regime goes well beyond the issues of sanctions, trade and oil embargoes.
Amanda concentrates in export controls and sanctions, trade remedies, customs, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and market access.
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