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COLT (Continuous on-line trading system)

Computerized OTC traders assistance system that provides for trade entry and position monitoring, among other functions.

Continuous Online Trading System

A computerized order-entry system that sends buy or sell orders for over-the-counter trades. It is used to automatically execute orders, and allow users to monitor their positions.
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Australia has not had an equivalent of Samuel Colt.
August would have been the ideal customer for Samuel Colt, who claimed that people "would be glad to use arms of [his] construction to protect their cowardly selves.
The nomination for the Coltsville Historic District expands upon the existing Samuel Colt Home (Armsmear) National Historic Landmark, which was designated in 1966.
Walker, a former Texas Ranger and by then a captain with the United States Mounted Rifles, traveled to New York and sought out Samuel Colt.
By his death in 1862 Samuel Colt was considered one of America's wealthiest men.
Editor's Note: This article on the legend of Samuel Colt is condensed from two articles written by Arnold M.
The loading drill as published by Samuel Colt calls for the powder column to fill the chamber leaving enough room to seal a bullet or ball.
From 1840 on, Lane claims that "revolvers were being manufactured in quantity" by Samuel Colt and Henry Derringer (note the misspelling).
Anniversaries: 1545: Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose , sank in the Solent with 700 lives lost; 1814: Birth of Samuel Colt, American inventor of the six-shot revolver; 1837: Great Western steamship was launched at Bristol; 1834: Birth of French impressionist painter Edgar Degas; 1877: The first men's singles tennis final was played at Wimbledon; 1892: Death of travel agent Thomas Cook; 1900: Paris Metro opened; 1924: Liverpool Cathedral consecrated; 1992: Moslem refugees forced from homes by Serbs in "ethnic cleansing".
Samuel Colt established his London Factory in 1853 in the hopes of obtaining British government contracts.
It was April of 1836, about a month after the fall of the Alamo, when Samuel Colt opened the Patent Arms Mfg.
The popularization of consecutively numbered revolvers originated with Samuel Colt, who often created these special two-gun sets as presentations for influential individuals.