Sales tax

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Sales tax

A percentage tax on the selling price of goods and services.

Sales Tax

A tax imposed on the sale of retail goods and services. That is, the government collects a certain percentage of the sale price on transactions where goods and services are traded at the retail level. While the retailers are responsible for paying the sales tax, most of the time they simply pass on the cost to customers. For example, if an item costs $10 and there is a 5% sales tax, the retailer will charge the customer $10.50. Proponents of sales taxes argue that they reward those who spend less and, therefore, do not punish those who earn more. Critics argue that sales taxes harm the poor disproportionately and can drive business to other jurisdictions. See also: VAT, Regressive tax.

Sales tax.

A sales tax is a tax imposed by state and local governments on transactions that occur within their jurisdictions.

The taxing authority determines which transactions are subject to tax and the flat rate at which the tax is calculated. Some countries, though not the United States, impose a national sales tax often called a value added tax (VAT).

sales tax


turnover tax

a form of INDIRECT TAX that is incorporated into the selling price of a product and is borne by the consumer. Sales taxes include VALUE-ADDED TAX and EXCISE DUTY.
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Reluctant to increase taxes or impose new fees on residents but unwilling to reduce the level of city services, the Santa Clarita City Council is looking to boost revenues painlessly by increasing sales tax receipts.
The average sales tax audit took three and one-half months to complete, with auditors on site for about two weeks.
Sales tax from commercial developments is necessary to make up the shortfall, Stark said.
Gary Nachman, an analyst with Leerink Swann in New York, said the sales tax is a nonissue for Allergan and the consumer.
Has anyone had any state sales tax issues come up when doing so (i.
If legislation resulting from the commission's work authorizes the taxation of Internet transactions, it is also likely to include language requiring sellers to collect sales tax regardless of the seller's location or physical presence.
In the long run, the biggest winner in the debate between the flat tax and the sales tax may turn out to be the current system.
chief of sales tax instructions and interpretations for the New York State Division of Taxation.
In 1992, the average combined (state/county/city) sales tax rate for all 45 states and local jurisdictions that charge a sales tax rose above 8 percent (8.
NEW YORK -- Fitch rates the Regional Transportation District, Colorado's (RTD) $64,735,000 million sales tax revenue refunding bonds series 2007A 'AA'.
A blanket sales tax exemption is not available for prewritten programs.
SANTA CLARITA - The city's share of sales tax revenue shot up 8.