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New Delhi: The government has extended by 10 days the last date for filing of final sales return GSTR-1 till January 10 under the Goods and Services Tax, sources said.
THE sales return to Sheffield on Sunday, and hopes are high that it will top the very successful auction held at the track in March, writes John Forbes.
Excluding the sales return reserve adjustment, net sales would have climbed 10.
Our dataset includes 56,000 hypothetical sales returns over a six-month period and contains the following fields: transaction number, date, employee number, sales return amount, and, if required, manager number.
3 million after tax) charge primarily reflecting the reduced gross margin on estimated future returns recorded in the increased sales return reserve.
1 million pretax charge from the sales return reserve, a pretax charge of $46.
The sales returns for September will have to be filed by October 10.
Some shops will not accept sales returns but should warn you at the till.
The fiscal 2007 year-to-date net sales results include the $452 million adjustment to the sales returns reserve.
Cases also have shown that sales returns reserves have been deliberately understated.
This eliminates, for example, the use of the rule for sales returns and allowances.