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'We are telling the national executives that we do not recognise Abdul Salam Adams as [the] NDC parliamentary candidate for New Edubiase Constituency, and we are also assuring the national executives that, the skirt and blouse Adams and Co introduced to the constituency in 2016 is going to increase from 4,000 votes difference to 10,000 votes difference for NPP in 2020, if Abdul Salam Adams is maintained,' the aggrieved members warned.
While recalling that Hon Salam was the first Local Government Chairman to offer employment to persons with disability in 2008, Mr Oladosu prayed that God will make the tenure of the Federal lawmaker a huge success.
Salam is the third cricketer from J&K to be picked by an IPL franchise.
Salam's great sins are his use of cherry-picked half-truths, frequently contradictory evidence, and shifting his own goal posts.
But the government, he said, knows very well the services of Dr Abdus Salam and it should have refrained from any such move.
'Those trying to erase Dr Salam's name will themselves be forgotten but [Dr Salam's] name will be remembered by history,' he said.
in a separate room called Salam Room in the library of the centre.
The SIAL management led by Manager Azkarul Haq welcomed the passengers during a ceremony organized jointly by Salam Airline and SIAL at the airport.
The match was started on fast tempo and both Salam Club and Eleven Stars gave each other a tough fight.
The seminar was jointly organised by the university's Jones Physics Society, Salam Chair and the Pakistan Physical Society to pay tribute to the Pakistan's only Nobel laureate in the field of science for his contributions to the landmark electroweak unification.
BEIRUT: Politicians, religious and security officials gathered at BIEL and later at Prime Minister Tammam Salam's house for a second day Thursday to offer condolences to the leader following his mother's death.