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and the Sacagawea dollar coin, and gigantic pieces like the Irish Memorial in Philadelphia.
Citizens want nothing to do with the old Eisenhower manhole dollars, or more recently the Sacagawea dollar pieces.
Together, the five of them make $30,471,500, give or take a Sacagawea dollar.
Anthony dollar (honoring the women's suffrage leader) and the Sacagawea dollar (for the Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark during their 1804 transcontinental expedition) flopped, Congress tried again with a series of presidential coins.
1 Who is Sacagawea, who features on the Sacagawea dollar, a US dollar coin which has been minted every year since 2000?
From the origin of legal tender, to the role currency has played throughout history, to why some currency and coinage (such as the Sacagawea dollar and the two-dollar bill) seems to disappear after being released while other forms stay, to the relative advantages of coins vs.
7 million Sacagawea dollar coins so far in 2006, while releasing 2.
In the image the Sacagawea dollar looks bigger than the quarter, and the quarter bigger than the penny, and the penny bigger than the dime.
The mint expects that within the first 3 months of release, demand for the Sacagawea dollar will reach more than half a billion coins, says Diehl.
The gold-colored coin has the back of a new Sacagawea dollar, but the front of a quarter.
To liven things up, Umpqua will mix in 500 Sacagawea dollar coins and distribute them randomly with the chocolates.