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American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

A labor union for North American musicians. It lobbies and negotiates contracts for better pay and working conditions. It also attempts to protect copyrights for musicians' intellectual property. It was established in 1896 by members of the American Federation of Labor (now the AFL-CIO).

Amman Financial Market

A securities exchange in Jordan. It was established in 1976 and traded in stocks, government and corporate bonds, and negotiable certificates of deposit, among other securities. It was the only exchange in Jordan and was replaced by the Amman Stock Exchange in 1999.
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logo, SONET Transmission Manager, and STM are trademarks of Network Equipment Technologies Inc.
The STM network multiplexes multiple T1 lines from concentrator hub/cell sites onto AirTouch's high-speed DS3 microwave and fiber optic network for transport to its Atlanta Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO).
31 Physical Review Letters, the duo described using a sensitive photomultiplier tube and lenses to collect light from a metal sample as it was scanned with the STM tip.
NSSL launched its Cruise IP service in June 2005, which incorporates STM DVB-RCS technology offering high quality broadband IP at speeds up to 2Mb with existing coverage in the U.
She and Beebe used their STM to examine hundreds of blank HOPG surfaces.
Last April, for instance, another IBM team reported it had written "IBM" by pushing individual xenon atoms into place with an STM, but this required supercold temperatures and a vacuum.
But with the ability to steer an STM tip precisely via the magic wrist, Hollis envisions manually controlling chemical reactions by deliberately orienting specific atoms and molecules.
Payload pointers: Cause of phase variation between an STM frame and its payload
function of those STM section and path overheads used by ATM equipment.
Fitch's review confirmed that STM has developed a capable servicing platform through an experienced management team, industry-standard technology, and effective loan administration processes and procedures.
Completing its first quarter of operation following the acquisition of the DVB-RCS business of Nera, STM today announced the delivery of over 1500 new SatLabs compliant SatLink terminals.