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An investment with an exceptionally high risk. Speculators may invest in a start-up company or in a volatile commodity. These risks carry the possibility of very high returns. Speculators often trade actively and many have hedging strategies to reduce their risks. See also: Hedge fund.


Speculative; built without a purchaser or a tenant, but in anticipation of securing one when the project is completed.

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For all SPECweb96 results see the SPECweb homepage at www.
SPECweb99 results are not comparable to those of its predecessor benchmark, SPECweb96.
A discount is available for universities and other non-profits as well as for SPECweb96 licensees.
AIX used two gigabytes of cache for Web pages while running SPECweb96.
1) Top Five Reported Benchmarks System SPECweb96 IBM RS/6000 S80 40,161 HP N4000 24,139 IBM S/390 21,591 IBM RS/6000 S7A 20,200 IBM RS/6000 S70 19,264 source: Ideas International
Novell last week announced a partnership with Pinacor, formerly known as MicroAge Distribution, to deliver an industry leading turnkey web acceleration solution that combines Compaq's ProLiant Server family with Novell's BorderManager FastCache(TM), the Web acceleration component used in the record-breaking SPECweb96 benchmark.
Silicon Graphics has accomplished the initial goal of the Everest Initiative to build the world's fastest, most scalable, multi-threaded Web server platform with the February-announced SPECweb96 benchmark results.
a) Based on Specweb96 benchmark tests performed on Model H50 and Model H70 in a four-way configuration.
SPECweb96 is a trademark of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.
measured by the SPECweb96 industry-standard benchmark.
4, 1998-- Hewlett-Packard Company today submitted for review a SPECweb96 benchmark of 13,811 operations per second for its HP 9000 V2250 Enterprise Server -- a rate of operation that translates into the ability to handle more than 1 billion HTTP requests per day.
25, 1998-- Hewlett-Packard Company today submitted for review a SPECWeb96 benchmark of 3,703 operations per second for its HP 9000 Model D390 Enterprise Server, solidifying its leadership position as the fastest two-way enterprise Web platform in the industry.