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An investment with an exceptionally high risk. Speculators may invest in a start-up company or in a volatile commodity. These risks carry the possibility of very high returns. Speculators often trade actively and many have hedging strategies to reduce their risks. See also: Hedge fund.


Speculative; built without a purchaser or a tenant, but in anticipation of securing one when the project is completed.

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Statistics on the Number of SPECfp Loops Amenable to Our Analysis (#L refers to the number of loops.
Overall, the loop statistics show that scientific loop nests are mostly simple and regular, and we can analyze, absolutely or parametrically, a significant number of loops, approximately 70% of the total number of loops found in the SPECfp benchmarks.
We first illustrate how the CMEs are analyzed to drive this optimization with a loop nest from alvinn program, a SPECfp benchmark.
1994] and have tested our system on SPECfp and other benchmarks.